Policy for Development of the MoD Policy for Development of the MoD

The central priorities for MoD is to develop a management plan and strategy to implement and monitor the policy presented in the defence policy and to provide the equipment and resources necessary for its implementation. The structure and organisation of the MoD will be kept under review. In addition, the MoD will actively participate in defence and security aspects, including contribution to Government crisis management and contingency planning (including co-operation with other interested ministries).

Aside from these central issues, specific management priorities are also identifiable. These include the determination of force levels, equipment requirements, training, recruitment and deployment policy; career planning, the refinement and review of the concept of operations; the effective management of resource allocation and distribution; and the articulation of the defence programme into a detailed long term financial plan (a Long Term Costing, or LTC). An overriding policy objective will be to align accountability with responsibility and authority as closely as is practicable.

The MoD is prepared to share its experiences with other countries whose Defence Forces are developing or restructuring.

Namibia's foreign and defence policy is founded on the principles of peaceful co-existence and co-operation with other countries and in the operation of international law. The day-to-day guarantee of security lies in the maintenance of international order and, in particular, in the regional stability.

Defence relations with neighbours and the international community as a whole are good and the MoD and NDF will extend military co-operation and links as far as is practicable. Defence policy must be based on the premise that Namibia may face a regional security threat.

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