Policy Issues Policy Issues

International Agreements: Namibia's security is largely dependent upon regional stability. As a result, regional security co-ordination and co-operation will continue to be an important aspect of the defence policy.

Procurement Policy: the basic principle for the MOD's procurement policy is to purchase the best quality equipment, and material available provided that it:

  • Suits Namibia's terrain, climate, personnel, storage, accounting and other requirements;
  • Can be logistically supported, maintained and repaired in Namibia, as far as it is practicable;
  • Can be delivered to or supplied in Namibia within the required timescale;
  • Is available at the cheapest possible all-inclusive price, and with the most favourable terms of payment.

Goods manufactured within Namibian owned and staffed companies will be given preference provided that the above conditions are met. The MOD intends to trade freely throughout the world. Given the nature of defence business, however, NDF will not become dependent on any one source of supply.

Foreign Military Material Aid and Training Assistance: The MOD welcomes foreign military aid, provided that it meets a real need and is provided on acceptable terms.

The Employment of Advisors: The MOD will continue to use advisors where appropriate. The MOD recognises that advise on specific issues, programmes, equipment etc may be necessary for sometimes to come.

The Employment of Consultants: The MOD will employ consultants where the skills and services they provide are unavailable from within the Namibian Public Service or under aid terms.

The Employment of Contract Staff: Contracts staff to meet specific needs where skill shortages exists.

Military Attaches: Military Attaches will be posted to foreign countries when a need arises.