Background of the Namibian Navy Background of the Namibian Navy

The history of the Namibian Navy started in 1994, when the agreement on naval cooperation between the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Republic of Namibia was signed. This agreement provides for the training of both officers and ratings in different fields.

As a result, the group of Headquarters Staff and Ship Captains graduated at the 'Admiral Wandenkolk Instruction Centre' (CIAW) in Rio de Janeiro. The Maritime Wing was established on the 11th September 1998 and commissioned on the 7th October 2004 as the Namibian Navy by Hon. Erikky Nghimtina, the then Minister of Defence.


To defend Namibia‚Äôs territorial water, conduct naval operations in defence of the Republic of Namibia, and  conduct operations other than war in support of the national interests.

Navy Commander Navy Commander

Rear Admiral S.N.B Nghipandua

Profile for Navy Commander